Battery Management & IO Extenders

BMS10x0 Battery Management Systems

Roboteq’s BMS10x0 is a battery management and protection system for building cost-effective, ultra-efficient and high current power sources using low cost Lithium Polymer (LiPo), or Lithium Ion Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery cells. The BMS connects to an array of 6 to 15 battery cells at one end, and to a user load at the other. Precision voltage sensors monitor the voltage of every cell. Precise, built-in current sensors keep track of the current flowing in and out of the pack, maintaining an accurate image of the battery's State of Charge and State of Health. The BMS includes a separate connector for battery charger and has a built-in switch that will disconnect the load in case of overload, over or under voltage, or over temperature. The BMS will act as a programmable circuit breaker in case of short circuit or continuous overload. The BMS is highly configurable: Temperature limits, voltage thresholds, current overload levels can all be set and changed using a provided PC utility. Communication between the BMS and other system components can be done via USB, CANbus, RS485, PWM or Bluetooth (optional).

Name Description Product Page
BMS1060BT 60V, 100 Amps Management System for 11 to 15 Cells Lithium Ion Batteries. Bluetooth Product details
BMS1060 60V, 100 Amps Management System for 11 to 15 Cells Lithium Ion Batteries Product details
BMS1040BT 40V, 100 Amps Management System for 6 to 10 Cells Lithium Ion Batteries. Bluetooth Product details
BMS1040 40V, 100 Amps Management System for 6 to 10 Cells Lithium Ion Batteries Product details

RIO I/O Extender

Roboteq's I/O eXtender (RIOX) module is an intelligent I/O expansion card, with an Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS), that seamlessly integrates with Roboteq Motor Controllers. See video presentation below

The RIOX module will connect to sensors and switches via 13 inputs that can be configured as Digital, Analog or Pulse inputs. Sixteen Digital outputs (which can also be configured as inputs) are provided for driving loads up to 1A each at up to 24V. The processor onboard RIOX can be programmed using the MicroBasic programming language to perform logic, conditioning and other processing of the I/O.

RIOX also features several communication interfaces, including an RS232 serial port for connecting to standard serial devices, and RS485, and a CANbus interface. RIOX interfaces seamlessly to Roboteq motor controllers using CANbus. The module can also be used without motor controllers, in stand-alone, or connected to any PLC, PC or microcomputer

RIOX includes a 3 axis accelerometer, 3 axis gyroscope, 3 axis magnetometer, and a fusion algorithm for creating a precise Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS). Added to Roboteq's extensive offering of motor controllers, the RIOX opens a world of applications in sea, land or airborne unmanned robotics vehicles applications.

Name Description Product Page
RIOX-1216AH Roboteq I/O eXtender. 3A DCDC, 12 In, 16 Out. With AHRS. Product details
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