Generalities: This guide covers the most common problems that users may run into when using Roboteqs' DC motor controllers and solutions to fix those problems.

Q: How to Connect Roboteq Controllers to WiFi

Q: How to Interface to RFID tags

Q: How to use logs for troubleshooting

Q: What is Safe Torque Off - STO

Q: How To Do Mixed Steering With Two Single Channel Motor Controllers

Q: How to communicate between RoboteQ devices using RoboCAN

Q: Calibrating the RIOX1216 AHRS

Q: Protecting agains Regeneration

Q: How to do Low Cost Data Logging

Q: Constructing CANopen frames "manually"

Q: Connecting to Arduino and other devices with TTL Serial

Q: How to Manually Install DFU Driver

Q: How to Fix Unhandled Exception Error in RoboMag Utility

Q: Communication is lost while running motors.

Q: Complete loss of controller communication after firmware update or in general.

Q: Controller keeps losing connection to the controller utility and reconnects but never stablizes.

Q: Motor works fine in open loop mode, but no longer work in closed loop mode.

Q: Controller does not save controller configuration.

Q: Encoders connected but not responding.

Q: Brushless controllers reporting back wrong counts even if motor command direction is correct.

Q: Brushless controller with motor not working.

Q: Telemetry function not working upon power up of controller.

Q: Linux API fix.  Credited to Brett A.

Q: Brushless motor spins both directions fine, but counts are inverted.

Q: Encoders are connected and not reading counts or experiencing other erratic behavior.

Q: I'd like to use Labview with your controllers.  Do you have any drivers for this?  Credit: EGARMS (Elizabeth)


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