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The companies listed on this page offer products that can be used with Roboteq's controllers to build innovative and affordable mobile Robotics and Motion Control solutions. See Also our Solution Partners page for Design Consultants



DC Motors

Use Permanent Magnet or Series Wound DC motor. Match maximum operating current of Motor to selected Controller
NPC Robotics Excellent selection of motors of various size and power
Magmotor Good selection of high-power, high-efficiency Brushed and Brushless motors
Golden Motor
Major manufacturer of brushless hub motors for electric bikes and small EVs
Robot Marketplace Excellent selection of motors of various size and power
D&D Motor Systems High Power motors for use in electric vehicles and electric boats. 

linear actuator

Linear Actuators

Use Linear Actuators driven by Permanent Magnet DC motors. Match maximum operating current of actuator to selected Controller
Firgelliauto Full range of Linear Actuators, competitively priced
Linak Full range of High Quality, quiet Linear Actuators

remote controls and accessories

Remote Controls and Accessories

All hobby radio models, from the simplest to the most expensive will interface to the Roboteq controllers, although higher PCM units will deliver better range and reliability. Roboteq controllers come with Futaba J type connectors. Other brand radios may require connector adapters
Kar-Tech Maker of Industrial-grade wireless controls
Futaba Most popular brand of RC radios. Widely avaiable from hobby stores
Team Delta Maker of switches activated by RC signal
Hyperdyne Labs Maker of switches activated by RC signal
SerialComm Maker of Serial to USB converters
USConverters Maker of Serial to USB converters

optical encoders

Optical Encoders

Use encoders with two quadrature outputs (Ch A, Ch B), single ended signal, 2V minimum swing between 0 and 1 Level (TTL or CMOS logic levels). 5VDC operation. 50mA or less current consumption per encoder. Encoder count depend on desired motor speed range. 200 pulses/rev is suitable value for most applications
US Digital Excellent selection of Optical Encoders of at very competitive prices



Use joystick with 2K to 10K pots (recommended values). Connect pot end to GND and +5V outputs from controller. Connect pot wiper to controller analog input. 0 Volt=full reverse; 5 Volt=full forward, 2.5 Volt=center position=stop
Apem Excellent selection of joysticks, including hall effect and pwm output
ETI Systems Analog joysticks and foot pedals
Penny + Giles Excellent selection of analog joystick
CH Products Excellent selection of motors of various size and power

head steering control

Steering Control

For use with manned and unmanned electric vehicles
Aicon Industry xTiller Head steering control is a command and control interface for vehicles used in logistics

Potentiometers & Analog Position Feedback Sensors

Potentiometers & Analog Position Feedback Sensors

For jumbo-servo application, use high quality rotary or linear potentiometer, 2k to 10k preferred pot value for position feedback. For best reliability, consider solid state sensors delivering 0V in min, 2.5V center, 5V max positions
Celesco Maker of industrial-quality linear and string linear potentiometers and high-count multi-turn rotational potentiomenters
Vishay Spectrol High reliability potentiometers and 100% solid-state hall position sensors
ETI Systems Linear and rotary potentiometers
Penny + Giles Broad selection of linear, rotational & string potentiometers. Contactless hall-effect rotational sensors

Valve Actuators

Valve Actuators

Roboteq controllers may be used to control valve actuators via computer control
ETI Systems Good selection of industrial valve actuators

Batteries for motor controllers


Roboteq controllers operate with all types of battery technologies. Voltage input range is 12V to 40V
NPC Robotics Good selection of batteries for mobile robots
Robot Marketplace Excellent selection of batteries of various technolgies and capacity. Fabricates custom battery cells

Gears, Wheels & Mechanical Parts

Gears, Wheels & Mechanical Parts

Required for all applications
NPC Robotics Several useful reduction and transmission gears
Robot Marketplace Several useful reduction and transmission gears Design any mechanical part on your PC, upload, and receive finished hardware to your door

Single Board Computers (SBCs)

Single Board Computers (SBCs)

Required for all applications
Logic Supply Reseller of VIA mini-ITX motherboard, and car computers
Parallax Maker of the popular, tiny, easy to program Basic Stamp single board computer
US-Boards Maker of versatile Relay boards. Reseller of power components

Radio Modems

Radio Modems

Wireless modems with greater range than R/C radios. Because they are bi-directional, they can report robot sensor status as well as send richer commands.
Maxstream Maker of 900 and 2.4MHz radio modems with ranges up to several miles

Electronics Components

Electronics Components

Switches, relays, transistors, and many other parts
Digikey Electronics component megastore. If it exists, it can be found and ordered here
Riedon Precisions resistors and other products for your OEM business that meet all RoHS
Jameco Good selection at attractive price.
Aicon Industry High efficiency compact switching DC/DC converters

software for robot and motion control designers


Software packages, tools and algorithms of specific interest to robot and motion control designers
Enigma Industries Maker of the Electronic Drive Train Simulator (EDTS) software. Will let you build and simulate your robot design on your PC, using accurate models of real hardware (motors, batteries, wheels, gears, etc ...)

Resources for learning about Robotics and Motion Control

Books & Magazines

Resources for learning about Robotics and Motion Control Top selection of robotics books
Servo Magazine Excellent source of robotics articles and resources
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