Roboteq is a recognized leader in the field of motor control for mobile robotics applications and industrial automation. Our product range covers power requirements from a few amps to a few hundred of amps. Please follow the links on this page for information to our product and services offering:

brushed dc motor controllers 

Brushed DC Motor Controllers

Brushed DC motors are the most common and least expensive motor types. Chose from over 30 product references of single and dual channel motor controllers for brushed DC motors, ranging from 20A to 500A per channel. 

 brushless dc motor controllers  

Brushless Motor Controllers

Brushless DC motors run quieter, with reduced wear and higher reliabilty. They are increasingly the preffered choice in electric vehicle and industrial system. Chose from over 10 product references of single and duall channel controllers ranging from 30 to 150A per channel.

ac induction 

AC Induction Motor Controllers

AC Induction motors are industry workhorses thanks to their simple and inexpensive construction. Commonly used in traction for electric vehicle, they are increasably suitable in robotics and automation application thanks to advanced electronics control. Roboteq offers a growing line of single and dual channel motor controllers for AC Induction motors.

 magnetic guide sensors for automatic guided vehicles  

Magnetic Guide Sensors

Targeted at AGV and other semi-autonomous mobile robotic applications, Roboteq's MGS1600 is a revolutionary magnetic guide sensor that uses advanced signal processing to accurately sense the position of a magnetic track, in line-following robots applications.

 extenders 42x42  

Peripherals & Extenders

Roboteq's IO eXpander - with optional IMU - provides added functionality, for robotics navigation, unmanned vehicles, machine control, industrial & home automation, and many other applications.

 custom motor controllers  

Custom Motion Control Solutions

If you need a motor controllers with different voltage/current rating, of unusual shape and/or with features unique to you, we can help. Contact us for custom hardware, software or turnkey motor control solutions.


Integration Services

If you are pressed for time and/or do not have all the technical skills to develop your motion system, our Applications Engineers can help. Thanks to our experience supporting hundreds of customers, we will typically finish your system by the time you have started to become familiar with the product and all its capabilities.

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